About Gracie's Garden

Gracie's Garden is a business created thanks to my sweet daughter Gracie Jane. I have two boys ages 2 and 5 and when I had a daughter I wanted to dress her in everything girly I could think of. I decided to start crocheting her hats from patterns I got off the internet and fell in love with making my own designs and different color combinations. These adorable and unique hats would make perfect baby shower gifts, birthday presents, or buy one for your own little ones.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

*~*~* #9 - Fun Flower Hat with Brim *~*~*

This is a very nice hat to add to a Easter dress, to keep your babies head warm in the winter, or to keep their head protected from the sun in the summer. I always get compliments on this hat when I take my daughter out in it.


  1. I am your forever fan!!! I love the little boy one too...soooo cute!!!! You have definitly taken after your mom in the talent department!! you are amazing!

  2. Thanks Amber!! I LOVE making them! I am so grateful for my mom for teaching me and for God giving me the talent to make them. Thanks!

  3. Carrisa, I have started spreading the word! I also posted your site on my Due date board I chat on.... I hope everyone else can see how cute they are and not just us Idaho gals!